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Tranquil cool rippled sand driftwood sweet seaweed smells ocean roses laughing gulls peaceful ebb and flow relaxed simple pleasure warm sand rusty bikes beach cottage sunsets sounds of the surf seashells foggy mornings summer sweet smells of suntan lotion big waves surf boards sandy toes and salty kisses beach combers hand in hand forever everything is better at the beach

Rhode Island elopements and small, intimate beach weddings, we are Beach Wedding Specialists.

Experienced, Fun, Creative & Affordable Photography!

"Twitterpated" Weddings Hand Made in America!

 We are the Real Deal by the sea!

And we can prove it! Visit our Beaches Gallery and click on slideshow to see some of the beaches in our lives!


Don Beach, Rhode Island Wedding Officiant, Photo Artist & Photographer

Non-Denominational , Secular, Non Traditional, Casual, Simple, Elegant, Affordable


Visit our client gallery website  with over 172,000 images in over 1000 galleries to see our events, past and present!

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Please not that we are are in Cocoa Beach from March 1st through April 7th, but don't let that stop you! C'mon down to see us! We have some specials for our New England friends who come to us through that time period! Visit our Cocoa Beach Website for more info...



We are your one stop specialists for simple, fun, and romantic Rhode Island weddings that combine affordable photography packages with our very unique non-denominational officiant services. We also create unique photo artistic imagery by transforming select wedding moments into spectacular artworks that look great on canvas, metal, calendars, thank you cards, or on regular printing paper stock. Specializing in nontraditional wedding ceremonies and photography, our weddings are hand made in America.

Weddings by the Sea (Or Anywhere!)

Having a RI beach wedding? then you've found the right Beachpeople! As "Mom and Pop" beach wedding specialists (and card carrying elder beach hippies), we specialize in a very relaxed, personal and comfortable experience for both local and destination couples, and after 12 years and thousands of weddings on beaches on the barrier islands of the Carolinas and the Atlantic Florida coast, I seriously doubt that we could be surpassed for our experience (or love of) beach weddings! And as reiki masters and healing drummers, our ceremonies are uniquely suited to couples seeking a more intimate and feelings oriented, "inner child" experience.

Not having a beach wedding, but still would like our services? We do those too!


Wedding Ceremonies For Southern Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Block Island, Jamestown,

Newport (our home is on Goat Island)

Tiverton and Little Compton, East Bay and South County Rhode Island

Your Wedding Ceremony & Photography Experience With Alot of Heart!











  • LGBT friendly

  • Optional Photography in a Painterly Style - Black and White and Color

  • Attention to Detail & Your Experience

  • Proud of our Unique & Personal Touch

  • Officiant and Photography Packages Specially Designed for Small Weddings

  • Comfortable, Fun, and Easy to Work With

  • Boutique Intimate Weddings, Renewals and Elopements

  • Perfect for Destination Weddings

  • Unique Energy Based Ceremony Options from Our Husband and Wife Team of Reiki Masters

  • Specialists in Including Your Children

  • Non Traditional and Whimsical Weddings and Photography our Specialty



“Nothing could make me feel closer to you than a wedding day that’s easy – and all ours. There’s something very real and permanent about a big day that’s actually small, where what’s most memorable about the celebration is not the fancy menu or the décor…but the love.” Kristine Gasbarre

“If we could do it all again we’d try harder to take it all in. It’s a magical day, but very surreal and it’s easy to get carried along and lose hours of time in what feels like minutes. I’m not sure it’s possible, but listen to people when they tell you to take a minute to savor it all!” - Sophie

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Maya Angelou

“Escape the tedium of mediocrity”  Marlon Brando




Imagine a wedding ceremony that is so much more…

more feelings, more romance, more fun, more about what’s important to you

Imagine a wedding ceremony that is so much less...

less stress, less feeling afterward that it fell short of delivering what you hoped for

Imagine a wedding ceremony that you actually remember

because with "normal", amazing is not possible

Imagine a wedding ceremony for lovers

Re-imagine your wedding!

Intimate weddings with a heart ….. Simple wedding ceremonies with beautiful photography

By Don Beach, Officiant, Photographer and Photo Artist


Visit our client gallery website  with over 172,000 images in over 1000 galleries to see our events, past and present!



Become part of Beachpeople Nation and visit our new BeachpeopleUSA website! 

Call us today about your wedding and photography plans


We are friendly and easy to work with!

We also offer Dog Weddings, an increasingly popular service for beloved pets!

Don Beach



For our New England couples, Beachpeople Weddings are transitioning to a new name for 2014... Weddings with a Heart!

Why the change? While beach weddings are the norm for our Florida clients... but not so much for New Englanders, so to avoid the confusion with the name "Beachpeople" implying that we only offer beach wedding services (we offer our services anywhere), it was time for a renaming. That said, we are still THE beach wedding experts, bringing the attitude of the beach anywhere!


All images and content on this website, and all photographic and artistic images were created and copyrighted as our exclusive property.

They may not be used, copied, or duplicated without our written and expressed permission.

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